Translations from:

- Naruto
- Shingeki no Kyojin
- Prince of Tennis


- Naruto: MinaKushi
- Shingeki no Kyojin: EreMika
- Prince of Tennis: Ryosaku.

I translate from pretty much every pairing in these fandoms so maybe you'll see mentions to pairings that maybe you don't like. if you dont mind it, then welcome to my blog !!!
Sasuke Uchiha and Kakashi Hatake Sketches - The Last Naruto the Movie

From the month of October on TV Tokyo, in celebration of the release of "THE LAST - NARUTO THE MOVIE" on December 6th

In celebration of the release of "THE LAST - NARUTO THE MOVIE"A selection of "NARUTO - SHIPPUUDEN" will start being broadcast!

During the program, movie information will also be introduced!The broadcast will start on October 6th (Tuesday)! Every week on Tuesday, late at night at 26:10Naruto's birth, his destined rival Sasuke, and Team 7 being reunited once again! Please look forward to this selection broadcast!

*Translation of the last picture thanks to Mezzomarinaio on NF

Translation Saku091

UPDATE: Text in the box cards:

Naruto "I got something I absolutely must tell ya.. wait for me."

Sasuke "if he** isnt around(/here/there)...You* have to be protected by me(/I have no choice but to protect you*), i guess."

Kakashi "I have faith in my people. But for confidence I'd never let them go on any dangerous missions, you know."

Translation thanks to Takl on NF